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Article: What Kind of Incense keeps Mosquitoes Away

mosquito agarbatti
mosquito agarbatti

What Kind of Incense keeps Mosquitoes Away


There is just something about summer pool parties and those cozy barbeque nights that everyone just loves but one thing that no one wants is those bugs buzzing around your ears and spoiling the night, especially those pesky mosquitoes. 

So what’s the solution to that?

There are plenty of natural ways to get rid of those mood spoiler mosquitoes. Some of them are as follows:

Natural Plants

When it comes to getting rid of the mosquitoes, chemical repellents are not the only way out for that, there are a lot of natural plants to get rid of them as well. Some of the herbs like horse mint, rosemary, garlic, catnip, lavender, etc. could be of great help. It not only helps in keeping the mosquitoes away but can also be very useful in beautifying your yard or garden as well.

Lavender Spray & Body Oil

You can make a body spray with a mix of essential oil and lavender spray since mosquitoes hate the lavender smell hence it can be used as a very good natural mosquito repellent.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles act as a very good natural mosquito repellent since their smell makes the mosquitoes run away and it also makes your house smell fresh and nice for a long time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s amazing how many uses one product can have and apple cider vinegar is definitely one of them. You can make mosquito repellent spray just by using apple cider vinegar and mix it with citronella oil for some additional effect. All you need to do is spray some in the areas where they gather the most and see the results for yourself.

Apart from these homemade ways, there are plenty of other ways that one can use to get rid of these blood-sucking bugs:

  • We can buy the mosquito repellent incense sticks from the market that has natural properties of citronella, horse mint, lemongrass, bamboo, and cedar wood that helps in getting rid of mosquitoes quickly and easily.
  • Usually, these packs consist of 10-12 long sticks that last for at least 2-2.5 hours which is the perfect amount of time that one can leave it hanging in their backyard or something that will help in getting rid of all of those pesky mosquitoes.
  • These days we get a lot of other things in the market as well, like mosquito agarbatti and mosquito incense sticks that are made up of ingredients like eucalyptus oil, neem oil, and some lavender extracts as well that helps pretty well in getting rid of mosquitoes completely.

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