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About Us

Our Vision

RunBugz inspires to be a market leader in facilitating complete protection and prevention for families in India. We aspire to care for the wellbeing of each individual’s health and their loved ones with top quality products to ensure safe and healthy homes. Our vision extends to become a household name in wellness, hygiene and home care products in India.

Our Mission

RunBugz puts mothers and children at the forefront of its work. We are inspired by the latest research to develop products for families, keeping in mind the safety of children. Our mission is to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices without compromising on quality and the safety of your loved ones.

About RunBugz

RunBugz is a brand of Repellers India, offering quality hygiene, repellents and home care products in India.

Founded by two dynamic founders Nakul Jain and Mohit Jain in 2013, RunBugz focuses on the access and affordability of premium-quality products to ensure safety, care, hygiene and protection of all individuals and their loved ones.

RunBugz’ foundation began when Nakul and Mohit found a huge gap in the limited offerings of mosquito repellents, hygiene and home care products in India. The founders wanted to create a brand which identifies with each of these product categories without losing focus. This led to the launch of mosquito repellents and it soon expanded into wellness, hygiene and home care. Eventually, ‘RunBugz’ was the right brand name fit for each of these product categories.

At RunBugz, safety comes first. From manufacturing to packaging, the brand complies with each of the Indian government’s requirements. Their objective is to provide high-quality solutions with a wide range of products that prioritize protection and prevention. Each product is unique in the Indian market because of its quality, benefits and multiple features.

Most of the products are made with natural and non-toxic ingredients, keeping in mind the safety of children. However, some products demand the use of alcohol or other agents of highest-standards.

Backed by science and the motive of long term protection and prevention, RunBugz is built on the values of zero compromise on quality. Its vision is to make it a well-known household brand in India in the next 5 years and become a trusted leader in wellness, hygiene and home care.