Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks (Pack of 3)

Rs. 1,099 Rs. 1,500

Enjoy your evening in the backyard or garden with mosquito repellent sticks. These sticks are DEET free, non-toxic and made with 100% natural ingredients like Citronella Oil that also makes them safe for kids around you.

Each box contains 12 Incense Sticks with a long burning time of 2.5 - 3hrs minutes.

How To Use Mosquito Repellent Sticks:

    1. Fix the sticks in a vase in an open area like garden or backyard of your home.
    2. Light up and get instant protection from mosquitoes and insects.
    3. It comes with a pleasant natural fragrance that releases less smoke.
Keep away from children when lit.

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