Nasal Decongestion Patches, 5 Patches (Pack of 3)

Rs. 699 Rs. 900

RunBugz Nasal Decongestion Patch helps get relief from nasal congestion as every patch releases Eucalyptus vapours for up to 8 hours. It can be used by kids and adults.

The essential oil of Eucalyptus is one of the active ingredients in RunBugz Nasal Decongestion Patch. Inhaling the vapours of this natural cough suppressant offers the following benefits:

  • It helps to get off the mucus out of the chest
  • If a child has a respiratory issue, it helps to ease breathing
  • It loosens the mucus and helps it in being expelled when a child coughs

How To Use Nasal Decongestion Patches:

    1. It is recommended to be pasted on clothes at chest height.
    2. Wash your hands after pasting it.
    3. To be used only for kids in the ages of 3 years and above.


 (*Earlier known as Vapour Patches)

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