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Vapour Patches for Children, 5 Patches

RunBugz Vapour Patch for children helps them get relief from nasal congestion as every patch releases Eucalyptus vapours for up to 8 hours. It can...

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Vapour Patches for Children, 5 Patches (Pack of 3)

RunBugz Vapour Patch for children helps them get relief from nasal congestion as every patch releases Eucalyptus vapours for up to 8 hours. It can...

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Vapour Patches for Children, 5 Patches (Pack of 6)

RunBugz Vapour Patch for children helps them get relief from nasal congestion as every patch releases Eucalyptus vapours for up to 8 hours. It can...

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Mosquito Repellent Patches (Pack of 30), Vapour Patches (Pack of 5)

SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY RunBugz mosquito repellent patches and RunBugz vapour patches are 100% safe for you and your child. The mosquito repellent pa...

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Best Patches for Nasal Congestion

The most common symptoms of a cold or flu are sore throat, irritation in breathing and body aches. These symptoms occur when viruses infect the nose, throat and lungs. For adults, these symptoms are easy to cope up but children experiencing these symptoms are at a greater health risk than adults. One effective way to ease the discomfort of these symptoms and avoid further illnesses is to use vapour patches. 

Complete Relief From Nasal Congestion 

Cold and flu causing viruses are easily contagious and can spread quickly through coughing, sneezing or hand-to-hand contacts. While cold and flu can be cured, it can spread easily to children and if left untreated, can cause further illnesses. Cold and flu also make resting and sleeping become difficult for children. Since ample rest is required to recover from these, vapour patches offer multiple benefits.

Benefits Of Vapour Patches For Children 

  • When a child catches cold or flu symptoms, vapour patches help unblock stuffy nose to ease breathing and ensure restful sleep for quick recovery from the illness.
  • While there are certain vapour patches that are made with chemicals, naturally made vapour patches are rather best to choose. Naturally made vapour patches contain essential oils and other natural ingredients. 
  • The natural properties of these ingredients and oils in vapour patches provide natural healing, support and relief from nasal congestion.
  • Vapour patches slowly release their natural ingredients’ soothing vapours for up to eight hours and this helps in a decent night’s sleep with easy breathing. 

Other Benefits of Vapour Patches

  • Vapour patches are most suitable for sticking on the clothes before bedtime at night
  • These are easy, safe and convenient 
  • Vapour patches do not stain clothes or irritate the skin

Best Patches for Nasal Congestion

Cold and flu can affect the health of children and cause complications. RunBugz Vapour Patches are safe patches for children to help them get complete relief from nasal congestion. These following unique features make it the best patches for nasal congestion.

100% Natural Ingredient

These patches are non-toxic and are made with 100% natural ingredients - eucalyptus oil. This works as powerfully and effectively as a medicine for nasal congestion.

Soothing Vapours

Every RunBugz Vapour Patch releases soothing eucalyptus vapour. These are safe for children in the ages of 3 years and above. 

Multiple Benefits Of Essential Oil

The essential oil of Eucalyptus is one of the active ingredients in RunBugz Vapour Patch. Inhaling the vapours of this natural cough suppressant offers the following benefits:

  • It helps to get off the mucus out of the chest
  • If a child has a respiratory issue, it helps to ease breathing
  • It loosens the mucus and helps it in being expelled when a child coughs

Indoor and Outdoor 

Whether children are indoors or outdoors, RunBugz Vapour Patches are comfortable, easy and convenient to use in both situations. 

Long-lasting Comfort

Each RunBugz Vapour Patch is single-use and it provides long-lasting easy breathing comfort for up to 8 hours. 

Made In India

RunBugz Vapour Patches are proudly made in India with 100% natural ingredients obtained from our farms to support the local economy and nation’s growth.

Easy To Use

Unlike, vapour rubs or nasal sprays, RunBugz Vapour Patches do not irritate children. These are easy to use on children’s clothing and clears nasal congestion. Simply peel off the 3M backing, apply the patch on to a dry area of the child’s clothing at chest height and let him/her breathe in the soothing vapours.

Strong medications can disturb a child’s sleep. RunBugz Vapour Patches manages nasal congestion symptoms and allows a full night comfort sleep. The patches provide 100% quick and effective relief and recovery.


What is the best medicine for a stuffy nose?

While there are various medicines and nasal sprays are available for a child’s stuffy nose, using a vapour patch works like a medicine to provide relief from a stuffy nose.

How to get rid of nasal congestion?

Using a vapour rub, saline nasal spray or a warm compress are some ways to help a child get relief from nasal congestion. But a vapour patch made with natural ingredients is the most natural, safe and convenient of them all. 

How long does nasal congestion last?

Nasal congestion lasts for 5 - 10 days but it depends on what is causing the congestion. It can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. 

How to use Runbugz Vapour Patch?

  1. Paste a single patch on clothes at chest height
  2. Wash your hands after pasting it
  3. Gently remove the patch after 8 hours
  4. To be used only for kids in the ages of 3 years and above