Mosquito Repellent Patches

Runbugz Protection Kit for Boys

Rs. 1,600.00 Rs. 1,330.00

Runbugz Protection Kit for Boys

The Runbugz Protection Kit for Boys comprises of : - Mosquito Repellent Printed Patch, 30 Patches (Pack of 1)- Mosquito Repellent Plain Patch, 48 P...

Rs. 1,330.00 Rs. 1,600.00

Runbugz Protection Kit for Girls

Rs. 1,600.00 Rs. 1,330.00

Runbugz Protection Kit for Girls

The Runbugz Protection Kit for Girls comprises of : - Mosquito Repellent Printed Patch, 30 Patches (Pack of 1)- Mosquito Repellent Plain Patch, 48 ...

Rs. 1,330.00 Rs. 1,600.00

Runbugz Travel Kit for Boys

Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 1,026.00

Runbugz Travel Kit for Boys

The Runbugz Travel Kit for Boys comprises: - Mosquito Repellent Patch, 30 Patches (Pack of 1)- Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, 75 ML (Pack of 1)- Mosq...

Rs. 1,026.00 Rs. 1,200.00

Mosquito Repellent Patch

Waking up in the morning to find mosquito bites on your child’s skin, leaving him red on his/her face or hands can surely be worrisome. And, applying a chemically-laden bug spray on your child’s tender skin is a scary thought. 

It’s natural that you worry about triggering any allergic reactions and safety of the ingredients. But you also don’t want your child to end up with a mosquito-spread disease, either. It can become a confusing situation. At this moment, the safest way to protect your child is to use a mosquito repellent. 

Why Use A Mosquito Repellent?

Irrespective of how many physical barriers that you use at home, mosquitoes always find a sneaky way to enter your home and trouble your child. Mosquito repellents such as patches, sprays work effectively in driving away mosquitoes but the biggest question you need to ask yourself - Is it safe for your child?  

What is A Mosquito Repellent Patch?

A mosquito repellent patch is a patch that is either made with natural oils or chemicals to prevent mosquitoes. The effectiveness of a chemically-made (DEET) patch decreases over time as the chemical evaporates gradually in the air. Also, patches containing DEET or other toxic chemicals should be avoided for your child’s young skin and more specifically for a baby younger than two months old. Therefore, the safest solution lies opting for naturally composed patches.

RunBugz: 100% Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch  

The use of DEET mosquito repellent for your child can be potentially harmful and it is exactly why the innovative team at RunBugz address this anti-mosquito protection need with 100% natural patches. These are specially designed to provide the ultimate skin-friendly protection for children and babies and safeguard them from mosquitoes. 

RunBugz: Commitment Towards Your Protection

The fuss of applying anti-mosquito repellent lotions, creams or gels gets instantly resolved with RunBugz. These easy-to-stick natural mosquito repellent stickers can be pasted on clothes, strollers, bags etc. Effective for up to 24 hours, these patches are enriched with five natural powerful oils like citronella, eucalyptus, and lemon oil, which keep mosquitoes at bay indoors and outdoors. The DEET-free formula makes it perfectly safe for use on your child’s or baby’s tender and young skin, without the worry of allergies. 

It is inevitable that children are bound to get wet while playing outdoors. RunBugz understands this situation thoroughly and ensures these patches are waterproof to keep you worry-free at all times. These tiny, yet big details reflect RunBugz’ commitment towards protecting your child or your baby 100% safe and secure. 


What is a Mosquito Patch?

A mosquito patch is a sticker designed to keep away mosquitoes to prevent them from biting humans and avoiding mosquito-borne diseases. The hours of protection against mosquitoes depend on the types of ingredients used.

Do Mosquito Repellent Patches Work?

Mosquito patches work effectively as they contain an active ingredient that repels mosquitoes. Natural mosquito repellent patches include citronella oil, lemon oil and other such plant-derived ingredients to keep away mosquitoes and also, keep skin safe

How do you use Mosquito Repellent Patches?

  • Peel off the patch and paste in on cloth, stroller or bag
  • Do not apply on the skin
  • Wash your hands after use
  • Do not expose the patch in direct sunlight

Is Mosquito Patch Safe for Babies?

Mosquito patches containing DEET are not safe to use on babies as they can cause allergies or irritation in eyes. DEET-free mosquito repellent patches are non-toxic and have no side effects on a baby’s skin.