Camphor Air Freshener Pouches (Pack of 3 combo)

Rs. 799 Rs. 1,196

Introducing Camphor Pouches, the all-natural air fresheners designed to infuse a calming and refreshing aroma into any living space. Made with 100% pure and natural camphor, these pouches release an invigorating scent that can help create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Each combo pack of Camphor Pouches contains three pieces, with each piece lasting up to 45 days. These pouches are perfect for use in various rooms of your home, including your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or car, and can help repel pests such as mosquitoes and moths.

Camphor Pouches are a chemical-free and safe air freshening solution, making them suitable for use around children and pets. The compact size of these pouches allows for easy storage, making them a convenient option for refreshing your space and keeping pests at bay.

Upgrade your air freshening game with Camphor Pouches and enjoy the soothing and refreshing aroma of camphor in your home. Order now and experience a natural and peaceful atmosphere while also repelling pests.

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