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Welcome to RunBugz, your go-to destination for innovative and effective mosquito protection. Introducing our revolutionary Mosquito Repellent Patches, specially designed to provide you and your loved ones, including babies, with a reliable shield against pesky mosquitoes. Explore the features, benefits, and natural ingredients that make our patches a must-have in every household.

Why RunBugz Mosquito Repellent Patches?

Mosquitoes aren't just a nuisance; they pose a serious threat by carrying diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya and Zika virus. RunBugz is committed to making protection easy and effective with our anti-mosquito repellent patches. Here's why you should choose RunBugz:

Key Benefits of RunBugz Mosquito Repellent Patches:

Long-Lasting Protection: Each patch provides up to 24 hours of continuous protection, allowing you to navigate your day and night without the worry of mosquito bites.

DEET-Free Formula: We prioritize safety, especially for children. Our herbal mosquito repellent patches are DEET-free, making them suitable for all age groups, including infants and pregnant women.

Waterproof Design: Whether indoors or outdoors, our waterproof patches stay effective even in humid conditions or light rain, ensuring uninterrupted protection for both adults and babies.

Natural Ingredients: Harnessing the power of natural ingredients, including Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Lemongrass Oil, our patches offer a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to chemical-laden products.

Key Ingredients:

Citronella Oil: Extracted from lemongrass, citronella oil is a well-known natural mosquito repellent with a pleasant scent.

Eucalyptus Oil: This essential oil has proven mosquito-repelling properties and adds a refreshing aroma to the patches.

Lemongrass Oil: Known for its powerful mosquito-repelling qualities, lemongrass oil enhances the effectiveness of our patches.


*Q: How often should we use mosquito patches for babies and adults?*
A: For optimal protection, use a new patch every 24 hours or sooner if the scent diminishes.

*Q: How to use mosquito patches?*
A: Gently peel off the patch from its protective packaging and stick it onto clean, dry clothing, avoiding direct contact with the skin.

*Q: Do anti-mosquito repellent patches really work?*
A: Yes, our patches are designed with a proven formula of natural ingredients that effectively repel mosquitoes.

*Q: Are there any side effects of using herbal mosquito repellent patches?*
A: Our patches are DEET-free and generally safe. However, if you or your baby experience any skin irritation, discontinue use and wash the affected area thoroughly.

*Q: Is mosquito repellent patch safe for babies?*
A: Yes, our patches are specially formulated to be safe for babies and children. The DEET-free and natural ingredients make them suitable for everyone. However, for infants, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before use.

*Q: Where to buy mosquito patch?*
A: RunBugz mosquito repellent patches are available for purchase on our official website and through authorized retail partners. You can also find them at leading pharmacies and convenience stores.

*Q: Who can use mosquito patches?*
A: RunBugz patches are suitable for the entire family, including babies, children, and adults. Our patches are designed to provide effective and safe protection for everyone, making them a versatile solution for households of all sizes.

*Q: Why RunBugz?*
A: RunBugz is committed to providing high-quality, DEET-free, and natural mosquito repellent patches that offer long-lasting protection. Our patches are waterproof, easy to use, and come in a convenient zip-seal pouch. We prioritize the safety and well-being of your family, offering a reliable defense against mosquitoes. Choose RunBugz for a mosquito-free lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors without the worry of itchy bites.

Additional Information:

Patches come in a convenient zip-seal pouch, ensuring freshness and ease of use wherever you go.

Suitable for the whole family, our patches provide a reliable defense against mosquitoes for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest members.

Join the RunBugz community and embrace a mosquito-free lifestyle with our effective and natural mosquito repellent patches. Your safety and well-being, whether you're a baby or an adult, are our top priorities. Say goodbye to itchy mosquito bites and hello to uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment with RunBugz!