Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer, 500ml (Pack of 2)

In the absence of soap and water, Runbugz® Hand Sanitizer is the perfect product to help keep your hands clean. The hand sanitizer gel contains  Is...

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Hand Sanitizer, 500ml

Rs. 250.00 Rs. 125.00

Hand Sanitizer, 500ml

In the absence of soap and water, Runbugz® Hand Sanitizer is the perfect product to help keep your hands clean. The hand sanitizer gel contains  Is...

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Hand Sanitizer 500ml, Surface Sanitizer Spray 300ml, N95 Face Mask

RunBugz® Surface Disinfectant Spray Pro is a 72.34% alcohol based spray that has been tested to kill 99.99% virus causing germs in and around your ...

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Runbugz Special Home & Hygiene Starter Combo

The Runbugz Special Starter Combo comprises of: - Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, 1 L (Pack of 1)- Hand Sanitizer, 500 ML (Pack of 1)- Mosquito Repelle...

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RunBugz One Month Home Essential Combo Kit

The RunBugz 1 month home essential combo kit comprises of the following items : 2 Super Disinfectant 1L Floor CleanerThese are suitable to clean ...

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Buy Hand Sanitizer Online

A hand sanitizer, also known as hand rub or hand antiseptic is meant to be applied to the hands for the purpose of removing common bacterias and viruses. Typically, this comes in gel, foam or liquid form and its use is recommended when soap and water are not available for washing hands. Here is what you need to know about them before purchasing.

Maintain Hygiene With Hand Sanitizers  

Keeping your hands clean or well sanitized is one of the most important personal hygiene practices that prevent germs from leading to infections or diseases. Not maintaining hand hygiene can create an unpleasant feeling, affect your mental health and make you more lively susceptible to various diseases. And, only using a soap to wash your hands doesn’t make you 100% safe from germs, as normal soap cannot get rid of all these things. After washing your hands, sanitization of hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is required. 

In situations when water is not available around, buying and using a hand sanitizer online is the most convenient and ideal option. Using a high-quality hand sanitizer ensures the best protection against many bacterias and viruses for you and your loved ones. Studies have shown that using a sanitizer with an alcohol concentration between 70% - 90% is most effective in eliminating any germs. 

RunBugz Hand Sanitizer

To tackle the issue of viruses and bacterias, RunBugz brings to you a 500ml hand sanitizer priced reasonably and made with an ayurvedic formula (all-natural ingredients) and 70% alcohol to provide the best germ protection. Its natural composition kills 99.9% bacterias and viruses and sanitizes your hands effectively. 

Variety of Hand Sanitizers Online

Depending on the active ingredient used, hand sanitizers can be classified into two types: alcohol-free or alcohol-based. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer typically contains between 60% - 90% alcohol and it immediately and effectively neutralizes certain types of germs. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are based on disinfectants or on antimicrobial agents and their activity is immediate and persistent. Hand sanitizers also vary in formula i.e gel, liquid or foam. 

RunBugz: Natural Hand Sanitizer

Regular hand sanitizers often make hands feel sticky or dry after use. RunBugz’ highly moisturized gel-formula makes it the best natural hand sanitizer for kids and adults. The goodness of aloe vera, vitamin E, tea tree and essential oils, Runbugz hand sanitizer takes good care of skin and keeps hands soft and moisturized. Unlike normal hand sanitizers that have a strong repulsive smell, RunBugz hand sanitizer infuses natural essential oils like lavender from Spain and provides a soothing fragrance.  

Tips to Use Hand Sanitizers 

How To Use:-

  1. Take a pea-size amount of hand sanitizer on one palm of your hand
  2. Rub it on both palms together and on the back of the hands
  3. Rub between the fingers until dry

Where To Use

Outdoor Activities 

Hand sanitizers are portable, convenient and easy to use during outdoor activities such as camping or travelling. 

Before Cooking 

Always start cooking by cleaning your hands using a hand sanitizer to avoid the chances of food poisoning. Clean hands result in the cooking of hygienic food.  

At Work Places

You can be easily infected by your work environment. There are several actions you can take on your part to maintain hygiene at your workplace. Hand hygiene is the best and one of the most essential actions. Using a hand sanitizer with 65% alcohol will kill all germs and ensure hand hygiene.

Public Transport Services 

Metro or bus creates a lot of unhygienic conditions for people of all ages and these are the biggest hotspots of contagious diseases. Here, a good hand hygiene practice of using a hand sanitizer keeps you healthy and safe from all contagious diseases. 

Other Places:

  • After using the washroom
  • In hospitals by all healthcare professionals


Where can I buy hand sanitizer online in India?

RunBugz offers an effective formulated natural hand sanitizer that includes 70% alcohol with moisturizing gel-formula with an aromatic fragrance.

What is the use of a hand sanitizer?

Sanitizing your hands with a hand sanitizer helps kill germs that can cause contagious diseases, illnesses and reduces the chances of falling sick. 

What chemicals are in hand sanitizer?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains a combination of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or n-propanol. Natural hand sanitizer on RunBugz contains a combination of 70% alcohol and natural ingredients.

How long is hand sanitizer effective?

A hand sanitizer is usually effective for about 3 years after its date of manufacturing. When it expires, it means its alcohol content has dropped below 60% and its effectiveness has decreased.

Can we eat after using hand sanitizer?

Using a hand sanitizer before eating food is generally considered safe.

Is liquid hand sanitizer better than gel?

Although, both are equally effective. Gel formulation based hand sanitizer leads to improved hand hygiene as it benefits all skin types and conditions.