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RunBugz One Month Home Essential Combo Kit

RunBugz One Month Home Essential Combo Kit

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The RunBugz 1 month home essential combo kit comprises of the following items :

  • 2 Super Disinfectant 1L floor cleaners
    These are suitable to clean the floor and keep it germ and bacteria-free. The composition also comprises of alcohol and benzalkonium chloride for extra protection.
  • 2 Toilet Cleaners 500ml each
    These 6 in 1 toilet cleaners provide excellent cleaning, thanks to it;s thin liquid and wider coverage. The fragrance is also long lasting.
  • 4 Surface sanitizer sprays 330ml each
    These are one of the most effective surface sanitizer sprays available in the market with over 70% alcohol and benzalkonium chloride for long lasting protection.
  • 2 Hand Sanitizers 500ml each
    These gel based hand sanitizers are most suitable for home and office use. The imported fragrance also gives fresh feeling. 
  • 2 Fruit and Veg Wash 500ml each
    The fruit and vegetable wash not only helps in removing the dirt including wax polish etc but also helps in removing the germs and bacteria from the outer surface. 
  • 2 Mosquito Repellent Floor Cleaners 250ml each
    These concentrated mosquito repellent floor cleaners not only help in keeping the floors clean but extended use also helps in reducing the mosquitoes. The citronella fragrance is soothing and helps repel mosquitoes.

This one month kit is sufficient for most families to last a month. You are free to add more items to your cart in order to justify your family's requirements.



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