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Super Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid, 1 Litre

Our new RunBugz BugzAway super disinfectant floor cleaner has been formulated to provide 99.99% protections from bacteria and viruses for our famil...

Rs. 179.00 Rs. 199.00

Super Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner Liquid, 500ml

The RunBugz Bugz Away Super 6 in one toilet cleaner is a new age powerful toilet cleaner that has been made to cater to all household and commercia...

Rs. 79.00 Rs. 99.00

Disinfectant Veg & Fruit Wash, 500ml

Runbugz® BugzAway Disinfectant Veg and Fruit Wash is a naturally derived wash with zero oral toxicity. It provides complete detoxification of fruit...

Rs. 94.00 Rs. 99.00

Mosquito Repellent Floor Cleaner Liquid, 250ml

RunBugz Mosquito Repellent Floor Cleaner provides defence against Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya causing Mosquitos. Cleans, Disinfects, Freshen &...

Rs. 275.00 Rs. 300.00

Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks, 12pcs

Enjoy your evening in the backyard or garden with mosquito repellent sticks. These sticks are DEET free, non-toxic and made with 100% natural ingr...

Rs. 397.00 Rs. 500.00

Surface Sanitizer Spray, 300ml

Rs. 330.00 Rs. 250.00

Surface Sanitizer Spray, 300ml

Runbugz® Surface Sanitizer Spray Pro is a 72.34% alcohol based spray that has been tested to kill 99.99% virus causing germs in and around your hom...

Rs. 250.00 Rs. 330.00

Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray Pro Lemon, 75ml

Toilet Seat Sanitizer by RunBugz is a fast and effective way to disinfect the toilet seat before using. It gives you 99.9% protection from disease...

Rs. 175.00 Rs. 200.00