What is the Surface Disinfectant Spray?

Our homes are supposed to be a safe place for all of us free from all the unwanted germs and bacteria's, where we come back from our busy days and we can relax and feel free. But unfortunately, we tend to get the maximum amount of germs and bacteria's into our houses only without even realizing it.

We get it through our phones, shoes, dirty clothing, and a variety of other things like maybe our bags and other packets that we carry outside.

Even when our homes might look super clean to us, they still have a lot of dirt and germs, stored in almost every corner of the house.

This is the reason why it is of utmost importance to sanitize and disinfect our houses very well and clean all the surfaces properly even if they look clean enough.

The best way to do that is by using disinfectant sprays for our homes.

Disinfectant sprays are basically the chemical agents that help in cleaning the home floors and other areas clean and free from all the germs and microorganisms that cause infections and other diseases otherwise.

It can also be called as a process of decontamination, whereby one tries to kill all the germs, physically or chemically, in order to reduce the spread of pathogenic microorganisms on the surface.

These days, one can get a lot of options on these sprouts as well, which not only helps in keeping the house free from germs but also leaves a very refreshing smell in the house.

There are different kinds of disinfectants available in the market depending upon the specific concern that they would cater to.

  1. SURFACE DISINFECTANT SPRAY: These are basically those disinfectants that could be used on a lot of hard and soft surfaces and help in keeping the house free of unwanted germs and viruses that linger around on the surface areas.
  2. DISINFECTANT SPRAY FOR ROOM: These disinfectant sprays could be made on your own as well. You can add the essential oil of your choice and add hot water and some hydrogen peroxide to it. This way you will have a spray of your choice with the fragrance that would be pleasant as well.

Some people might get confused between cleaning and disinfecting, but there is a fine line between the two. Cleaning just means that you are cleaning the house surfaces just by removing the germs but you are not actually killing them whereas, disinfecting means you are actually killing the germs and in turn reducing the chances of catching diseases and infections through them.

hence, even after proper cleaning and mopping of the entire house, it's important to disinfect the house effectively, so that the germs and bacteria's do not get the chance to fester and grow.

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