What Diseases can you Catch from the Toilet Seat?

If you squirm at the thought of those germs, lurking around in the restrooms of your office buildings, restaurants, and all the other public places where using a restroom actually turns out to be an act of horror, then you definitely are always looking for things that might ease this task for you or at least help in reducing your washroom paranoia. Things like toilet seat sanitizer and toilet sanitizer sprays are what can help in getting rid of bacteria’s and germs that lie all over the place.

A Lot of people consider these public restrooms and their toilet seats to be their enemy since these are the places that become a big breeding ground for these germs and bacteria’s. They cause diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea while these germs are on the seat but the actual fact is that these germs cannot really survive for a long time on the toilet seats, so for the infection to occur, the germs actually have to get transmitted from the toilet seats to urethral or through their genital tracts, or through some cut which is highly unlikely to happen but is still possible and hence the best way to avoid such problems is by using toilet sanitizers that would clear up the surface of the toilet and would reduce the chances of such diseases to happen in the very first place.

The most common type of infection that one can catch just by sitting in the wrong public toilet is the urine infection popularly known as UTI.

This is the most commonly heard problem that women go through. There is an unpleasant sensation all throughout when one has to urinate and you tend to urinate more often than you naturally used to and it also leads to major stomach pain sometimes, which is the reason why women tend to be a lot more particular about where and which restroom are they actually going to.

Although it is said that such bacteria’s do not live for a long time on the surface but yet again, there are some that tend to breed for a long time on hard surfaces. Such bacteria’s usually are caused when there are some particles of vomit or some stain or pee drop or something of such sort is left on a toilet seat. Most of the time this happens, when someone is dizzy or just a little too careless to realize that they have actually left the stall dirty and some really sensitive people can catch it faster than the other ones and hence they would rather go to the other stall.

However there are many other places, but the toilet seats themselves become a ground for these germs and bacteria’s. So, it is important to look into it and not ignore it in any manner, thus by taking proper precautions and using sanitizers and disinfectants on the toilet seat as well as on the other parts of the washroom.

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